Paul Bert Serpette - Auctions provides, every 15 days, auctions on art pieces, during themed online sales, originating from the world's most prestigious antiquarian market.

Our website offers the first fully transparent auction sales system. The sellers and the buyers know eachother and can trade freely. 

The auctioneer then acts as a guarantee that the showcased pieces correspond to a certain level of quality and authenticity. 


Online sales, a physical exposition

The Online sales take place exclusively on our website. They stretch over 4 days, while the market is open. Bidding is possible during this period, and during the time-auction which starts when the sale reaches its time limit. The sale's end starts on Monday at 18h, the possibility of bidding ending for each lot at a 30 seconds interval. When a bid is placed in the last 20 seconds, the timer is extended by 20 extra seconds.

While it is necessary to log on via our website to bid, all the lots can be seen on the sellers' stands, in the market. 

For further information, please read the "how to see the lots and bid" document, which can be found on our website's homepage.

Registering, taking part and the newsletter

Before taking part in one of our auctions, you will need to open an account with Paul Bert Serpette - Auctions and have it validated. This will enable you to organise your bids and submit your bidding instructions independently.


- If you have already taken part in one of our auctions, or made a purchase, you do not need to create another account. Contact us to request your login details.

- If you have never taken part in any auctions, you will need to complete a registration form


Please note that to submit bidding instructions online during our web auctions, when you register you will need to tick the following box: “I accept the Terms & Conditions”.

To validate your account, we ask you to provide proof of your identity by supplying a copy of an identity document when you register. As soon as your account has been validated you will be able to bid in all our auctions.


We request a copy of your identity document (identity card or passport) so that we can check that you are indeed bidding on your own behalf. As soon as the validation of your account is complete, we delete the documents from our server. This exercise is done with the greatest discretion and none of your data is transferred, sold or given to anyone else.


To close your account, simply send an e-mail to asking us to do so.


To change your account details, simply log in and select "My Profile" from the menu across the top of the screen. You can edit your account information there.


There are two possible ways of subscribing to our newsletter and receiving information about our auctions.

The first is to sign up by selecting the “Newsletter” option from the menu right at the top of the screen on all the pages of our website. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and then confirm it when you receive an e-mail from to that address.

The second is to tick the “Newsletter” box when you register on our site. 


To unsubscribe from our newsletter, simply untick the “Newsletter” box in your account information, which you can access via the « Mon Profil » option at the top of the screen.

Another option is to click on the “unsubscribe” link in the newsletters that you receive.


You can request additional information or additional pictures to the sellers themselves, by using the "information request" button. You can also request a neutral opinion, the auctioneer's, by using the "What are the auctioneer's thoughts?" button.


The only way to bid in web auctions is via your client interface on our website. You therefore need to have a validated account (see above).

You can increase your bids manually or submit bidding instructions.

Consult our guide to web auctions. .


You will automatically receive individual confirmations by mail regarding the bids or bidding instructions that you placed via your user account.

If you do not receive this confirmation, contact us.


Bids and bidding instructions are definitive and binding. Bidding instructions cannot be modified by the user via their user account.


The preliminary results of your bids are sent to the e-mail address registered in your user account as soon as the auction has finished. The items in bold and marked with an “X” are the ones that you have won.

A definitive purchase statement is sent to you by e-mail in the week following the auction.



The charges due are 19,8% (16,5% without valued added tax).

The contact information of each acquired lot will appear on this lot's purchase statement. You will have to contact each seller to organize the pick up or delivery of the concerned lots. Independent fees may be applied by the auction house for each delivery, and are to be paid directly to the delivery service or to the seller if need be.

If you want to have your lots delivered/sent, we encourage you to use our partners (cf contact page).


Lots can be payed by cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer. 

Buyers can't pay the sellers directly. If so, they will still be bound to the auction house. 


To have an object you want to sell appraised, we encourage you to directly contact the merchants of the Puces du Canal. You will find the specialist of your choice among the large diversity of specialties present in the market !

You can find their contact information on Paul Bert Serpette's website


At the latest one week after the auction you will receive a full statement of the items you entered for sale.

The proceeds from the sale of your items will be paid during the month following the auction.

Results of past sells are not published. 

Solving problems


If you have forgotten your password you can receive a reminder by simply clicking on « Forgotten your password ? » and entering the e-mail address registered in your account.

You can also send us an e-mail asking us to remind you of your login details.


Check that you confirmed your registration via the confirmation e-mail, which we sent to the e-mail address that you provided when you registered.

Check that you supplied a copy of your identity document to validate your account.

Check that you haven’t inserted any special characters in your username or password.

If it still doesn’t work please contact us.

Your account may not have been validated for bidding via our website. If that is the case, all you have to do is send us e-mail and we will activate your account by e-mailing you the login details for your user space.


The timer used in the online sales is set by the server's internal time. This time is the one that automatically determines when auctions end.

You have to use the right time zone :

- Mac : how to set your system clock and time zone ?

- Microsoft : how to set your system clock and time zone ?

If you have further questions, please contact us.